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Elucidating the Disadvantages of Long-Term Travel

Posted on 18 August 2017 (0)

In today’s fast-paced life, a long-term travel can separate you from the main causes of your stress and can make you slow down to ponder on things. A long break allows you to see awesome places, experience exciting adventures, and meet new friends. However, no matter how wonderful the list goes on, there are also a number of reasons to hate it and realize that it is not the same as advertised on TV and print ads. The language barrier is not so much a concern since there are online lessons on language made easy thanks to qualified instructors. Consider the following downsides before finalizing your travel plans.


Revealing the Disadvantages of Long-Term Travel


Intricate Living Condition


Traveling requires complex planning even for simple mundane activities such as document processing, flight reservation, and packing the essentials. Travel is spent with exhaustive long hours on air, land, and water transportation to reach your destination where you can acquire discomfiting moments of hunger, thirst, or illness, which are rarely experienced while at home. After traversing that long way to that panoramic spot, frustrations may continue to haunt you as you search for a suitable place to feel the simple joy of a decent bath or wash your dirty clothes without fear of losing them. The desire to see all the exciting places can sometimes be smothered by the demands of moving frantically from one place to another thus reducing you to a more stressful condition than before.


Devoid of Glamour


While clothes can be the main bulk of your travel bags, those are only a few sets that can last a week’s stay hence you will soon be wearing the same clothes, washed or unwashed, just to drape your body. If you are lucky enough to find a provision for washing your clothes, they are not as freshly looking the way they are done at home. The remaining sets in the luggage are disgustingly wrinkled and far from being glamorous at all. Wardrobe scarcity can even make you stay indoors while waiting for your clothes to dry in the bathroom.


Presence of Uncertainties and Homesickness


One of the depressing disadvantages of long-term-travel is in dealing with the element of uncertainty in a foreign environment. While it can be initially exciting, the gloomy part sets in when you find yourself in tight situations such as dwindling financial resources or being sick on the road. It is woefully scary to be experiencing all these by the lonesome with no support system to rely on. At one point or another, you can experience terrible homesickness pangs because admittedly, everything is more fun with your family around.


These are just some of the disadvantages of long-term travel.