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Capturing Timeless Moments with Basic Videography Techniques

Posted on 20 August 2017 (0)

With the advent of high definition video cameras, capturing footages of major events or day-to-day moments becomes easier, cheaper, and more artistic. It is no longer the belief that state-of-the-art expensive cameras can only produce the best footages. In truth, 80% of the best video footage is attributed to expert videography techniques employed by camera users.


Regardless whether one owns an HD, SD, or the basic digital camera with video function, capturing images on videotape or DVD has never been more accessible even to young kids. Today, a tiny line demarcates the difference between videography and cinematography. The invention of the video camera has made it all possible to execute the best videography techniques in achieving the film look for videos created by professional and amateur videographers alike.


Be Innovative


Many cameramen for sports broadcasts and TV music competitions are now using Segways to shoot their subjects. As a videographer, you can join the bandwagon by using your uncrashable scooter in shooting, say, a bride during her wedding. Riding a handle-less scooter as you shoot a subject makes for a great 360-degree shot, and it lets you move around quickly, too.


Provide a Stable Foothold for the Camera


Blurred footages resulting from unstable positioning of the camera are often rated as amateurish. Make sure to support the camera before shooting a video by using either a tripod or a shoulder bracket.


Use the Sun as Your Reference Position


It is always ideal to capture footages during cloudy days when the sun does not shine too brightly. Other best moments to capture more drama can either happen when the sun is rising up on the horizon or setting down at dusk. However, if there is the need to shoot during midday, position the camera with the sun at the back. The knowledge on how to expose manually is an advantage to balance the oversupply of light. It is also best to have filters to neutralize or polarize the light conditions during the time of day when the sun shines harshly in the background.


Take Creative Shots


Be artistic at how to shoot, pan, zoom, use the background or what to include in the frame. Never shoot randomly without planning how to compose the entire footage. Avoid rapid zooming in and out or frequent panning. If there is a need to enlarge a certain subject, get nearer to it and shoot up close. Choose which subjects to animate with a steady backdrop. Avoid too much movement in the footage as this can tire the eyes of the viewers.


Videography is more than just buying the latest camcorder and pressing the Record button to capture an event or anything that fancies the lens. It is more about in knowing how to properly use the equipment and see the expansive room for improving various videography techniques to seize rare instances.